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Mental health awareness 1.0

It is difficult to fit for anyone to live in society standards and much difficult to people expectations. We are very well aware of the fact that humans are puddle of imperfections on this planet.
It is a bare truth that no human on this planet can be called completely mentally fit.

There are people around us who struggle with depression, anxiety, OCD (Obessesive Compulsive disorder, phobias, stress. Yet they appear to be completely normal. Observe and be empathetic just like you do to your friend who has got fever.

 Here I was just talking about 'normal.' What is normal? I would say it is a myth and box created by us. Our goal is not reach perfect state but find balanced state of ourselves within us.

A satisfactory state for which we have to make a choice almost everyday. It is neither easy nor difficult but is neccesary to realise where our welfare lies.

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